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at the texas store about the company's breastfeeding policy. >>> more to get to for you tonight. a massive funeral for the north korean leader, kim jong-il. thousands crowded to the capital and hear the words they have been waiting to hear. also, how a five-year-old rang up a $500 bill on his mom's iphone without even knowing her password. and a major solar storm is set to hit within days. all that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, viral internet videos , from david at the dentist to charlie bit my finger. are parents going too far? and we go to a remote nature preserve, and an attempt to restore a lost >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> king gung u.n was declared -- kim gung u.n. was declared the leader, and it started with a 21-gun salute. kim jong-un over looked the pea -- pyong square. the square was packed with mourners. >>> an internet watchdog group is suing the department of homeland security. the electronic privacy information center wants to know what the agency is doing with information it gathers on facebook and
. a stormy day in texas, a chance of tornadoes around houston, san antonio, austin, and dallas. a mix of rain and snow showers from pittsburgh to buffalo and northern vermont. >> 42 in boston. 45 in new york. 77 in miami. just 23 in fargo, po in the twin cities, 45 in detroit. a mild 58 in phoenix. and seattle hits44. >>> and overseas now to egypt, where protestered battled with soldiers over night. more than 400 people were injured. the protesters are demanding that the military rulers now step down themselves. the violence escalated when these images of a female protester being partially stripped and beaten raced across the internet. >>> for the first time in nearly nine years, there are no u.s. troops in iraq. thousands have arrived home. here's rich cantu with more. [ horns honking ] >> reporter: the sounds of the troops crossing the border. >> we made it. >> i love you guys. i'll be home in a week. can't wait. >> i just had enough being here. >> final going home to see my son. >> reporter: almost 500 soldiers heading home. these virginia national guard troops have been in iraq since augu
outside of dallas. just, hate to bring you bad news. >>> now to texas where family members have been killed in a murder/suicide in ft. worth, texas. all the bodies were found around the christmas tree. the victims, four women and three men, ranged in age from 18 to 60. >>> to politics, who is paying for rick perry's security detail? the governor's out-of-state securi security, up to $1.4 million since september. the expenses paid for airfare, fees, food, fuel, and lodging. >>> the obamas celebrated christmas in hawaii, exchanging gifts and singing christmas carols at their rented vacation home. they made a short trip to the chapel at the nearby marine base for holiday services. the president is keeping a low profile while in hawaii, but his campaign will soon shift to high gear. as we hear from abc, young voters will be a focus. >> fire it up! >> reporter: they were the foot soldiers for obama in 2008. now campaign manager jim macina says young voters are his secret weapon in 2012. >> 18 to 21 who weren't old enough to vote last time. they're going to cast their first vote and do it
from texas all the way up to ohio. heavy rain in little rock, shreveport, memphis, louisville, cincinnati. that will spread to the northeast. that will happen by this evening. thunderstorms from houston to new orleans and montgomery. and unfortunately, up to a foot and half of snow across new mexico and several inches in west texas. >> a snowy 21 in albuquerque. 25 in salt lake city. a biting 11 degrees in colorado springs. just 14 in fargo. 21 in minneapolis. 34 in kansas city. a mild 61 here in new york. and 57 in boston. >> a balmy 61 for the beginning of december. >> not bad for december. >>> some of the biggest names showbiz descended on washington, d.c. for the kennedy center honors. >> yes, the president and first lady presided in her beautiful blue dress. meryl streep, neil diamond, yo-yo ma, sonny rollins and barbara cook were all recognized for their influence of american culture. and smoky robinson serenaded caroline kennedy with "sweet caroline." >> she's probably had a lot of people sing that over the years. >> she's enjoying it i think. >> makes you wonder. how m
. >> reporter: then, there's texas congressman, ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa. and got a boost from state senator kent sorensen, an influential tea party figure. left michele bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> i think there's clearly two tiers of candidates. i think ron paul is in that top tier. and i'm here to help him. >> reporter: michele bachmann says that ron paul would be a dangerous president. and jon huntsman called him unelectable. sunny and dan? >> wow. definitely a war of words going on there, tahman. all right. so, turning to romney now. if he wins iowa, how would that shape this whole nomination fight? >> reporter: a victory for romney in iowa would be huge. keep in mind that he has almost a 30-point lead in new hampshire, the next state to vote. and iowa voters, the caucusgoers there are very conservative. and the romney campaign would love to show he has patched up problems among conservatives in the republican party. and make it seem as though there's a steady drumbeat to the nomi
around the nation are not happy with retail giant target because of the way a texas mother says she was treated while nursing her baby at the store. and action moms took today. >> some 30 mothers nursed their babies in protest. >> there is nothing wrong about it or dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> nursing mothers are banding together. upset at what happened to michelle hickman in texas. she claims houston target workers bullied her from breast feeding while shopping. and then, asking her to move to a private location. >> i am not going to nurse my baby in the bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? >> in california and around the nation today, mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target's corporate head quarter autos so i thought i'd support. you know? and show it's normal and natural. >> target has a policy for moms who need to feed their babies and says it works hard to help nursing moms. >> there is a longstanding policy to embrace breast feeding and make our guests feel comfortable while doing so. >> it's unclear if that ot
stores. >>> two reindeer are back with their friends in santa's barn after escaping on a texas freeway. the runaways, named comet and dancer, were en route to visit a school, when the trailer door opened in rush hour traffic. of a flood of 911 calls, they were safely corralled. >> even reindeer just want to enjoy the holiday. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions on your friday. icy on i-90, from erie, pennsylvania, to buffalo. also, slick on i-40, from raleigh to little rock. i-10, from baton rouge, to san antonio. and i-20, across texas. windy conditions in southern california. >> and if you're flying, just a couple weather-related airport delays. los angeles and houston. >>> chicago bears' wide receiver, sam hurd, is behind bars this morning, facing some pretty serious drug charges. >> he was arrested during an undercover sting operation wednesday night and accused of setting up a drug dealing network. prosecutors say he was looking to buy $700,000 of cocaine and marijuana a week. the investigation lasted yast year in texas. hurd says he is innocent. >>> two former penn sta
the road and skies for this big christmas weekend, they are facing a soggy mess, from texas up to the northeast, with downpours on tap through tomorrow. >> and the new storm is dumping heavy snow in the rockies, coming on the heels of yesterday's deadly blizzard. more from abc's paul beban. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning. 83 million americans are getting ready to hit the road for the holiday weekend. winter doesn't officially begin until tomorrow. but this morning, across the great plains and southwest, people are digging out, after a blizzard blanketed the region with up to two feet of snow. parts of kansas got half their annual snowfall in just one storm. fierce winds and icy roads made driving dangerous. whiteout conditions shutting down interstates, leaving people stranded for hours. >> it was the rain, the rain, the sleet, the snow. by the time we got to kansas, it was really crazy. i stood in the median. just took 3 hours to get 30 miles. >> reporter: even the cacti were covered in new mexico. all the state's major highways were closed, after an accident le
. mitt romney and ron paul in a distant second place. texas governor, former front-runner rick perry, seven points behind them. 43% believe gingrich has best experience compared to gop rivals. 29% say he can beat president obama. >>> trying to build on that momentum, gingrich here in the big apple for a closed door meeting with donald trump. with more about this unlikely political alliance here is abc's jake tapper with "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: riding a wave of poll numbers and publicity, former house speaker, newt gingrich visited donald trump in manhattan where he continued to talk about changing the culture of poverty by putting poor children to work. >> i suggested to donald trump that he adopt a program of apprentices and take one of the poorest schools in new york city and create ten apprenticeships paid for part-time work. and he liked the idea a lot. he understood what i was getting at. >> reporter: some republicans disparage the role played by trump, a reality star and real estate mogul. saying he fosters a circus-like atmosphere. not newt. >> donald trump is a
to a foot of snow. whiteout conditions are expected in parts of texas, new mexico, kansas and colorado. stretches of interstate 40 and other roads will be shut down before that storm heads to the midwest. and then, here to the northeast. winter officially starts next week. looking like winter already. >>> it's a slow go for drivers in the san diego mountains. more than a foot of snow fell there. and gusty winds made it even worse. the roads were so dangerous, drivers were turned back if they didn't have chains. some pulled out the sleds and made the best of it. kids love the snow. >> snow days. >> it's beautiful if you don't have to drive in it. have fun, yes. >>> here's the rest of your monday forecast. stormy in texas, with powerful winds, damaging hail and a chance of tornadoes around houston, san antonio, austin and dallas. showers in oklahoma city to cincinnati. rain and snow showers from western pennsylvania to northern new england. >> 42 in beantown. 45 in the big apple. 77 in miami. 23 in fargo. 30 in the twin cities. and 45 in detroit. a mild 58 out in phoenix. salt lake city
. the continues begin returning to iowa. new questions over rick perry's security costs. texas tax payers picking up the tab. >>> and the accused robber regrets his holdup after getting cold-cocked by the clerk. all of it caught on tape. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. welcome to a megamonday. retailers are hoping for jam-packed stores again today. >> the national retail chains are welcoming bargain hunters this morning. both at 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. most macy's, sears, and target stores open at 7:00 a.m. >> this day after christmas is critical for retailers. t.j. winick explains. >> my pillow pet. >> i'm a woman with hats. >> i'm here to get great toys and great deals. >> reporter: it's the day after christmas. for many, that means returning to the malls. >> there's going to be a loft people exchanging stuff. that's more complicated than a regular purchase, i think. >> reporter: traditionally, the week after christmas is for up to 10% of holiday sales. those looking for bargains can expect big discounts op home goods and degree rations. target says they'll cut by 50%
of a texas mother claims she was bullied by workers for nursing her baby in public. and sue thompson explains what mothers are doing to force a change here. >> many nursing moms are not happy how a mother was treated in a texas target store. today in a bay area moms and babies teamed up to send a message to retail giant, target and anyone who would listen. out side of the main doors moms and babies moved in to nurse. >> i thought i'd come here and support. and you know... show that feeding your baby in public is normal and natural. >> many here are upset at what happened miles away at a houston, texas target. a mom claims store workers harassed her for trying to breast feed her baby. >> i am not going to go nurse in a bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? sitting on a toilet. >> we're unhappy a mom had to go through that anywhere. >> so mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target corporate head quarter autos we should be able to breast feed in public. there is nothing dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> target does have a policy for mom w
utah and idaho. down to arizona and new mexico. flurries and freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around laredo and dallas. >> a warm 77 in miami. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit and omaha. 30 in minneapolis. a cool 59 in phoenix. 64 in san francisco. and 42 in seattle. >>> well, you may remember that young lady out in california who had lost her dog. >> that's right. arle corona wore a bikini for six days. >> it worked. corona was reunited with her dog who was safe with a school nurse. the dog has a microchip to make sure she is never lost again. the bikini worked. >> i'm not so sure. i'm glad they're reunited. >>> we're just getting started. coming up, why it's actually healthy to swear. >> i'm going to live forever. >>> if you bought tickets from tick ticketmaster, you probably have money coming back to you. part of a huge settlement. >>> and coca-cola changing its can plan after public outcry. some even saying it tastes different.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t. >>> welcome back, everybody. the markets will be paying pretty close attention this morning to the november jobs r
to the texas panhandle. also, windy on i-5, from l.a. to san diego. >> if you're flying, weather-related airport delays are possible in new york, boston and los angeles. >>> and the search for little ayla reynolds in maine is nearly a week old. and police say everything still remains a possibility. 20-month-old ayla was last seen last saturday at her parents' home. police tape was put up around the house yesterday, as authorities intensified their focus there. two of maine's top homicide prosecutors were there. but authorities said nothing should be read into that. >>> authorities in southern california are re-evaluating their search for a bank robber. the old man known as the geezer bandit is now being blamed for 16 holdups just over the past 2 years. but as we hear from abc's alex stone, the investigators now think the perp may be just a pup. >> reporter: he looks like an old man, leaving the fbi to call him the geezer bandit. for two years, federal agents have been on his trail. they thought they were trying to nab somebody in his 60s or 70s. but now, it appears he may actuall
be trouble. new mexico and texas are under a winter weather alert. in the south, they just hope to have electricity for christmas after last night's severe weather. >> this was going to be our first christmas at home as a family, but -- i think we're going to go somewhere else. >> reporter: davidson sheriff's family was getting ready to take their 1-year-old to see santa when their house was blown over. yes, blown over, by what they think was a tornado. he is being called a hero. >> we got in the closet, hunkered down and i just held them like this. >> reporter: a bear hug around his pregnant wife, 1-year-old and aunt. >> i kind of just closed my eyes and i told my wife and my aunt, "here we go." >> reporter: everybody bear hugged together and just rolled and rolled. where did you end up? >> we ended up somewhere in the middle of the yard. >> reporter: chrissy ended up with a broken ankle, some scratches for davidson, the baby and mom are fine. what does it do to your christmas? >> makes me happy that we're here and that we're still a family and that everybody's here. i don't care about
's republican debate, one candidate, texas governor rick perry, came out swinging at congress, calling on them to take a big pay cut. but today, we learned something interesting about perry's paycheck. abc's jake tapper explains. >> reporter: governor rick perry is trying to blaze a path to be the first in the nation caucus state as a conservative, willing to make tough budget cuts, raising the age for recipients to receive medicare and social security. and taking on congressional pay. >> the idea that we have congress staying there as many days as they do and the salary that they have, that's the reason i call for a part time congress. cut their pay in half. >> reporter: one problem? financial disclosure forms released today show that perry is double-dipping back in his home state of texas. at the same time he's drawing a $150,000 yearly salary as governor, he formally retired this year, to start collecting more than $90,000 a year in a state pension, through the employee retirement system, or e.r.s. >> e.r.s. called me and said, listen, you're eligible to access your retirement now, with you
picture since 1929. >>> and in texas, near houston, two reindeer are safe tonight. santa need not worry. after they took an unscheduled trip, no doubt scouting a route for a christmas pageant. they were riding to a school in a trailer when a door opened. they escaped onto the highway. startled drivers called 911. >> there are two loose reindeer on the highway. >> there's two loose reindeer on the highway? >> yes, sir. i know that sounds funny, but they are. >> fortunately, the traffic was stop and go. the reindeer named comet and prancer were not hurt. call it a kind of christmas miracle. >>> still ahead, the science of parking. shoppers packing the malls. and we'll tell you how to beat some other drivers to the very best parking spot. i wanted support for my heart... and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy. centrum specialist energy... helps me keep up with them. centrum specialist prenatal... supports my child's growth and development. new centrum specialist is a complete multivitamin that gives me all the benefits of
me guess. she's from texas. so i'm assuming she's going to say texas. >> in texas. everything's bigger in texas. you know my mom. my mom was in town visiting last week. she called the trees on the streets here in new york puny. >> this, by the way is the biggest weekend of the year for christmas tree shopping. it's a huge shopping weekend in general. this morning, we have the secrets from the mall. the stores are reading your mind as you shop. the technology that monitors your enthusiasm. the cameras decode your facial expressions. you'll be shocked to know why they're doing it. they want us to spend more money. >> you went to the mall. i can't see you shopping but, you know. i can't wait to see the piece. >>> and the sailors who became internet stars. brightening up the season and their time at sea, lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." they're back on land this morning, home for the holidays. we'll tell you what this wild crew is up to. all still ahead. >> they have an incredible story. they were supposed to go out for only seven weeks. i
the texas congressman can win the nomination. >>> in iowa, gingrich is accusing romney of running a negative smear campaign as the caucus date gets even closer. during a stop yesterday in mt. pleasant, gingrich actually had to apologize for a negative impression he left with one voter. the woman told gingrich he sounded presumptuous when he told abc news that he would be the eventual nominee. >> the truth is, this will be decided by the american people. this will not be decided by any one person, and that's what i should have said, and i wasn't very clever. >> i appreciate you actually saying -- >> i will make mistakes. i have made mistakes. when i make mistakes, i'll say to you, that was a boo-boo. >> was an overly confident remark, for sure. afterwards, the woman asked gingrich not to be arrogant and narcissistic. quote, i just want you to be humble. politicians that are humble take the taxpayer dollar more seriously. >>> the first day of winter may be tomorrow but the economy is getting hot. u.s. stocks just turned in their best performance this month. the dow jumped 337 points, nearly 3%
on this christmas eve, causing treacherous travel from wisconsin to texas. so, which states will see a white christmas this year? everything you need to know to get to grandma's house safely this christmas. >>> the perks of procrastination. with less than 24 hours to go, it will be chaos today at america's malls. for those who waited, the deals will be huge. although, the lines will be long. if you're a procrastinator, are you actually better off waiting for the deals on the day after christmas? >>> royal scare. a frightening day for the royal family. prince philip, the queen's husband, is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. we have the latest on the 90-year-old's condition. how will his illness affect kate's first royal christmas? >>> and -- ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way >> kickoff your christmas with us. we have great tunes. ♪ with a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> which will be the soundtrack to a fierce competition. which "gma" anchor can build the best gingerbread house? ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, wha
, north florida and south georgia. and more snow in colorado and west texas, believe it or not, and even into new mexico there are some problems that you can't see, one of them is the strong winds going on in southern california. 60-mile-an-hour to 75-mile-per-hour santa ana winds that knocked over trees and trucks as well. what surprised us there were 98-mile-per-hour wind gusts in ventura county and we did not expect that. as far as the snow go, coming out of denver, moving into west texas, we had big total, three feet of snow west of denver, 10 or 11 inches in albuquerque new mexico. and now abilene texas has the potential of picking up a white christmas for the first time in years and years. i guess it was the '80s since they had it. these strong storms caused unusual tornado, one in alabama and one in georgia. david kerley is standing by in some of the worst damage right there in calhoun, georgia, where there's debris everywhere. good morning, david. >> reporter: sam, believe it or not, this was a house yesterday. but that powerful storm raked right across alabama and here in georgi
their stories of the day that will live in infamy. >>> urn the heaters to high from texas to maine. the big chill -- turning the heaters to high from texas to maine. >>> popular exercise machine getting recalled. the danger the government says it could pose. the >>> eureka high clouds 51, a few high clouds, a lot of sun upper 50s through the central valley. low 60s around big sur and down south warmest weather mid to upper 60s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. >>> 5:48. this week secretary of state clinton is holding a rare meeting in geneva with syrian opposition figures. she told the group exiled in europe she wants to hear their plans to establish a new democratic government in syria the group is made up of political dis-- dissidents. many believe syria is spiralling towards civil war with growing reports of thousands being killed in the streets. syrian president assad sat down with barbara walters in his first interview with an american journalist since the uprising began in march. >> do you think that your forces crackdown too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are forces tha
. >>> and out of control. take a look at this. a terrifying incident at cowboy stadium in texas as a runaway electric car plows into a group of people. this morning there are injuries, and the big question is, how could this happen? >>> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at that video again. the cart was being used to pick up yard markers from the field. it looks like somehow one of the markers got stuck in the accelerator. one of the head coaches got hit there. we'll have the full story coming up. >> it was a high school football championship game. that was the winning coach from the team that got hit. so a lot of people there were terrified. we'll have more on that story coming up. >>> also, we have a lot of fun stuff to get to this morning like the holiday movie scenes we're so fascinated with like the tongue stuck on that frozen pole in "the christmas story." is all of this scientifically possible? how will clark griswold speeding down the hill in "christmas vacation" work out? our meteorologist ginger zee finds out for real. >> i don't think she was willing to do the tongue thin
inches of snow from new mexico and idaho. flurries, freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around dallas. >> warm 77 in miami. 66 in atlanta. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit. omaha, 30 in minneapolis. cool 59 in phoenix. 41 in colorado springs. >>> well, they did the honors earlier this week here in new york lighting a christmas tree in rockefeller center. >> last night in washington it was president obama's turn. >> three, two, one! [ cheers ] >> just like that, the national christmas tree was all aglow behind the white house. >> looks good. it's the 89th year for the lighting. a tradition that began in 1923 with president calvin coolidge. this is a new tree this year. planted back in march. the previous one was actually blown over by strong winds last winter. >> nice it is planted there. right. >> it is there. >> all right, we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop ♪ see every couple tries to stop ♪ scratching would just turn him off. ma
in the southern california mountains, southern rockies and much needed rain across south texas. showers in florida and georgia. freezing rain from minneapolis to the upper peninsula of michigan. >> 38, detroit. 41, omaha. 51, dallas. warm 81, miami. 40s from atlanta to boston. cool 60 in phoenix. sacramento, 55. >>> this next story is a little crazy. we have all seen how far some charities will stoop using silly stunts to raise money. >> that's right. this is no stunt. this is a cat with 26 toes, eight more than normal. an animal shelter is banking on the freaky feline, daniel, to to help raise funds so it can relocate. >> the shelter's owners learned the rent would be double coming january 1. now they're asking for donations of $26, yeah, that's one for each of daniel's toes, to help with the move. so far they have raised $50,000 cute cat. 26 toes. i mean, you are a pet person. would you, mind that? >> i wouldn't mind it. i wouldn't mind it. i had a cat for 19 years, cleo. didn't have 26 toes. she was spoiled. >> i believe it. i have no trouble believing that. >> very spoiled. >> we'll be back wi
of the busiest in the country. and overnight in texas, three adults, a teenager and a-year-old were killed. authorities say the pilot was advised to steer clear of the weather but he turned into the wrong direction. that storm is moving towards the great lakes tonight after freezing highway traffic across the southwest is and mid west. up to 20 inches of snow has fallen and the storm's wrath extends through texas pan hand yes. six people have died in car accidents and conditions forced hundreds of miles of highways to close. >> this makes it impossible. >> there are white out conditions. it's not looking good. >> the blizzard marks a rapid change in conditions. some areas had sunshine and 60 degree temperatures just a day before this storm hit. >> and oversees, thousands of egyptian people marched through streets today. they're protesting abuses committed by soldiers on a crack down of demonstrators. and the counsel issues an apology today for soldiers who pulled women by the hair and clubbed several others. 14 people have been killed over five days. and the government of china gave approv
and 20 across texas. wet on i-10, from new orleans to tallahassee. and i-40, from nashville to raleigh. rain soaks i-95, from d.c. up to maine. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible on the east coast, from boston to atlanta and in new orleans. >>> turning, now, to a pretty horrible story here. a young texas model and magazine editor is facing a long road to recovery after a horrific freak accident. >> she lost her left hand after walking right into a the propeller of a private plane. we get the latest from abc's lucy yang. >> reporter: she loved fashion. she wrote about it and talked about it. even started a magazine about it called "lolo." 21-year-old lauren scruggs is in a hospital. the young fashionista was flying around saturday night looking at christmas lights. what began as a holiday treat ended up costing the young model and fashion editor her left hand. officials believe when the plane landed at a small private airport, scruggs got off and in a bizarre accident, walked into the propeller, which sliced at her like a giant blender. she was rushed to the hospital,
of the same was taking place in texas, where about 100 protesters linked arms at the port of houston. they forced cars and trucks to stop, before police arrested 20 people. the coordinated effort was billed as shutdown wall street on the waterfront. organizers say they're sending a message that their movement is not over.iran's pre >>> iran's president is taking his usual defiant stance over that u.s. drone. earlier in the day, the white house officially asked for that aircraft to be returned. but mahmoud ahmadinejad later claimed that iranian experts were close to recovering data from the drone's intelligence gathering systems. and says that plane is not going anywhere. >>> let's look at weather across the nation on this tuesday morning. up to 2 1/2 feet of mountain snow in the southern rockies. morning showers in southern california. all-day rain around phoenix and albuquerque. and from dallas to oklahoma city, kansas city and des moines. a wintry mix from denver to sioux falls and duluth. and some morning fog in the pacific northwest. >> 37 in seattle. 54 in sacramento. and near 6
.a. and san diego to phoenix and albuquerque. downpours across texas. they need the rain. showers from florida into savannah, georgia. freezing rain in the twin cities. madison, and the upper peninsula of michigan. >> 38 in detroit. 44 in chicago. 40s from boston to atlanta. a beautiful 81 in miami. 64 in new orleans. a foggy 39 in seattle and 27 in billings. >>> well, as we said, this is a crucial week in the penn state sex scandal. new developments about a key witness in the case. >>> with all that hang over him like a black cloud, former head coach joe paterno faces a health scare over the weekend. >>> and the shocking video. man's phone records him being shot. made more shocking by who is accused of actually pulling the trigger. accused of pulling the >>> welcome back, everybody. there are questions this morning about whether the euro euphoria will actually continue. markets were up on friday. after the historic agreement for deeper economic integration in europe. many problems still remain. analysts say it may be just matter of time before investors realize that. >>> we're starting to see
. the measure would require construction of a canada-to-texas oil pipeline. that's something that president obama said he would veto. the bill will likely die in the senate, which sets up another 11th-hour deadlock. and even possibly, another government shutdown. >>> to politics now.cepted newt gingrich has accepted the resignation of his iowa political director, after it was revealed that the man made negative remarks about mitt romney's religion. craig bergman referred to mormonism as a cult. gingrich says the comment is inconsistent with his pledge to run a positive and solutions-oriented campaign. >>> and donald trump is pulling out of the republican presidential debate he promised to host later on this month. trump wants to keep his options open, in case he decides to run for president after all. the debate was supposed to take place december 27th. >>> and now, to that stunning turn in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. the former penn state coach showed up at court yesterday, where he was supposed to face his accusers. but instead, he waived his right to the hearing. ins
. >> nearly 8,000 miles away in ft. hood, texas the wait is almost over. 5-year-old scotty matthews, clutching his papa bear is counting the days. latasha green and children are counting the hours. >> our family will be complete. >> reporter: their soldier started the long trip home more than a week ago. james quarter, larry green and theron matthews, three men, 11 iraq tours between them. >> what has been lost here and what has been gained here is close to my heart. >> reporter: but as they left iraq, their thoughts were only on that one place, nearly $8,000 mi miles away. larry green hasn't seen any one of his three children, first step or heard their first words and now, after all of those years, all of those tours, the moment. 5-year-old scotty matthews, marked the days off on a calendar by his bed and every night, reading the book with his dad's photos in it. now, scott's dad is home to read the book to his son. the most simple of joy, being shared across the nation tonight by military families, who have sacrificed so much. martha raddatz, abc news, baghdad. >> a dad's kiss for his little
texas. and in the pacific northwest, a fifth-straight day of unhealthy air quality. >> an arctic blast in the middle of the country sends temperatures plunging into the teens and 20s, from fargo to chicago. the rest of the midsection hovering in the 30s. expect 50s and 60s along the south. 40s on the east coast. >>> we're tracking a developing story. police confront anti-wall street demonstrators in another city overnight. we'll have an update. >>> and a model maimed by a plane's propeller sees herself for the first time. >>> and big business, with one worse in an the next. yep, those corny christmas sweaters. coming up. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal. well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all
around the home. >>> at cowboys stadium in texas a freak accident after a high school football game. a runaway gulf cart plowed on the field. knocks coaches to the ground. a grounds keeper brought the car to a stop. two people are recovering from injuries tonight. >>> there is it still much more ahead here on "world news." in a season of holiday deals, a reality check on salt. how much do we eat in a year? this is eye opening. >>> the christmas nightmare in a parking lot. the woman who put our gifts in a car, turns out it wasn't her car? the christmas apb we are putting out tonight. and the american metal detectors buzzing this evening. what they found and where. and later tonight, coming home. mothers and fathers home for christmas. we'll be back. an investment opportunity you didn't see before. fidelity's next-generation ipad app lets you see what's trending around the world, as well as what over a million fidelity customers are trading throughout the day. and advanced charting lets you customize your views and set up your own comparisons. our ipad app can help refine your strateg
at texas. here's some interesting news. dallas is two inches above their normal rainfall for the month of december. but remember, they're ten inches below normal for the year. they've got a lot of room to make up. most of the state of texas was in extreme drought right now. that drops down to eastern texas. western texas does not get rain today. and they desperately need it. here comes strong santa ana winds. for the storm system that moves into the northwest today and brings some rain, you'll get the backside of powerful wind. ventura county, oxnard through l.a. ocean side, san diego, palm springs. you're getting the whipping wind of 60 miles per hour-plus, in some locations today. >> oh, that brutal december weather. atlanta hits a record 70 degrees today. robin? george? >> they're loving it. sam, thank you. >>> now, to a possible break in the case of the so-called geezer bandit, the masked robber breaking into banks on the west coast. police tracking an important lead in tracking the elusive suspect. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: they call him the geezer bandit. ove
in texas and is considered armed and dangerous. >> another court battle is coming over california's new lethal injection protocol. marin county superior court judge is challenging the procedure. she says prison officials failed to properly consider alternative to the 3 drug leatheral injection cocktail use to execute inmate inmates. she also says the state correction department has not revealed the total cost of an execution. state attorney will get a chance to change the judge mind at hearing tomorrow. california executions are already on hold while federal judge considers a separate legal challenge. >>> just 20 days before the first contest and the 2012 presidential campaign. republican contenders took part in the has debate before the january 3rd caucus. if you thought football had nothing to do with the presidential race, well l this is what rick perry had to say. we have the details. >>reporter: tonight the republican contenders kicked off their closing arguments. >> pretty conservative. >> i know what it takes to get this economy going. >> i hope i am the tim tebow of the io
. >> reporter: the national guard forced to make rescues in texas and colorado, as 911 dispatchers were inundated with calls. in new mexico, a radio dispatch from one officer describes a baby born in a car stranded in the storm. >> just had a motorist stop at my location. he has a female passenger who had just delivered a baby. >> reporter: in dodge city, kansas, we went out with mark davis, at the end of a 36-hour shift, working to clear the roads. this is a big storm for you guys. >> this is a very big storm. and the wind last night was absolutely horrible. >> reporter: today's storm will continue its march east, bringing heavy rain during this major holiday travel week. and then a new storm forms. a nor'easter, that has parts of the northeast flirting with a white christmas. a novel thought for an area that so far has been so unseasonably mild. the storm builds from the mid-atlantic through the northeast friday, bringing mostly rain to major cities. but for areas inland, the forecast now calling for snow by christmas. no matter what type of precipitation you're going to get, these st
after we roll into thursday. already blizzard warnings on the board. new mexico, texas, oklahoma, on into kansas, this is where the storm really winds up. most of the pop lated city or urban areas will not get a lot of snow. it will be wide open in the plains, an awful lot of snow. the powerful part of the storm kicks up lightning. wouldn't be surprised to see tornadoes. this week, a lot of folks are traveling. a good part of the south will have to watch for violent to strong thunderstorms. it will likely slow down the air travel. >> a little personal forecast for robin and george. when you step outside in just a minute, the real chill is in. it gets better as the day goes on. >> thank you for that, sam. >>> coming up, the desperate search for a missing toddler who vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night. >>> and the chilling home invasion caught on tape. how this young girl hid from intruders just steps away from her. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with way
-runner. congressman ron paul of texas has been largely ignored by the media and the other republican presidential hopefuls until a surge in the iowa polls. now, as the abc's correspondent reports, he is a prime target. >> reporter: ron paul is surging in iowa. sensing a threat his opponents are on the attack. firing missiles at what they say are paul's weak spots. >> ron paul thinks it would be fine if the iranians obtained nuclear weapons. >> one of the people running for president thinks it is okay to allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: ron paul isn't responding to attacks and stands by his hands-off approach. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: meanwhile, rivals insist his hand-off approach. meanwhile, rivals insist his foreign policy position is out of step with what the country needs. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> reporter: if he could even get that far, which gop candidates say is highly unlikely. >> if he were to get the republican nomination. >> he won't. >> let's say he were. could you vote f
were eventually picked up by their grandmother. mom was hauled off to jail. in austin, texas there was nearly a riot. security at this mall called for backup when the crowd swelled to more than 1,000 people. armed with pepper spray and a helicopter overhead, police tried to keep control but in the end an officer was trampled when the crowd tried pushing their way into footlocker. >> nike has released a statement saying it is concerned about the crowd incidents and is encouraging anyone wishes to purchase the product to do so in a respectful and safe manner. >>> all over the bay area shoppers will race today to a photo finish. only a few days ago an estimated one-third of americans still had shopping to do. abc7's david louie has a look at the last minute crowds. >> there's a different feeling at the mall. sure, the stores are busy and the pressure is on. >> got everything done? >> no, not even close. not even close. >> so why does everyone look so happy and relaxed? >> i mean i'm a little less stressed about the income coming in myself. so hopefully people are feeling that, a
iraq arrived home in time for the holiday. family and friends were on hand at ft. hood in texas to welcome back the nearly 200 soldiers who arrived in the u.s. even earlier than expected. >>> north korea's military is closing ranks around kim jong-il's successor and they've begun referring to his son as the supreme leader of the military. it is considered crucial if he's going to consolidate control to assign north korea's military first policy. >>> and it was 20 years ago today that mikhail gorbachev announced that he would be stepping down as soviet president. now gorbachev is urging prime minister vladimir putin to give up power. the former leader spoke after tens of thousands of people demonstrated in moscow and across russia against putin's rule. they were the largest protests since the ones that brought down gorbachev and the soviet union. >>> britain's royal family won't be all together this christmas. prince philip, queen elizabeth's 90-year-old husband, is still in the hospital after undergoing heart surgery and abc's lama hasan joins us now from london with the latest.
and texas covered in snow and ice is now on the move. until now, temperatures here in the northeast have been downright balmy, a great couple days here last two weeks. but now in for a rude, cold awakening. we get more on this from abc's diana alvear, good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob, sunny, good morning. winter may not have officially started but it sure feels like it has, especially for people in states like texas and washington state where some of the roads were as white as my sweater. a sprinkle of snow coats cactuses in arizona, one of several states shivering from a blast of cold canadian air. in texas the first snow fell covering everything in white. >> i just had to go for a walk it is so beautiful out here. >> reporter: temperatures plunged in new mexico, forcing the closure of interstate 40. snow shovels and other winter supplies flew off the shelves. >> customers calling in, asking us to set aside heaters and, set aside ice melts. >> reporter: drivers had to dodge black ice in washington state. some without success. deeper in the cascades, the danger was getting stuck. th
of worshipping the same god and upholding the same values. texas governor rick perry has put his faith center stage in iowa, hoping that the people in the pews will become his pete of the polls. here's my co-anchor terry moran from iowa for our series "the contenders." >> reporter: there it is rolling across the iowa countryside. governor rick perry's big bus. here we are on the rick perry bus. governor? emblazoned with his latest slow gal, faith jobs and freedom. 14-day bus tour. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's intense. we hopped on the bus to see how perry, once a front-runner in the presidential race is making a last-ditch last-stand effort to climb back to the top of the field. how it is going? >> good. everything's, you know we have good crowds. people are excited. i don't think people made their mind up yet. >> reporter: that's what he hopes. >> we pray for our nation's lead earls. >> reporter: and he hopes his christian faith, combined with a slashing newfound populism is what will carry him back into contention. >> you can't remove my faith from me anymore than you can
shaw and his cardinal. cal faces texas in the holiday bowl in san diego on december 28th. and way to go the bears. >> on january 2nd. in pasadena. orange bowl, west virginia and clemson on january 4th. and the kraft bowl, usually and illinois on the 31st. >> the stanford women's third straight ncaa final. the game0s only score for the cardinal off the cross from camille, the head as stanford beats duke 1-0. the stanford senior class was 95-4-4 in their four years and now they're the ncaa champions. >> snooped stanford men in hoops. a 17-1 runnel in -- run in the final six minutes, stanford wins, improving to 8-1. >> cal hosted by san diego state. bill walton checking it out. bear had no answer for harpley, to the rack. cal was led by allencrack. but the bears were unable to foul after that. cal likely to drop out of the top 25 after a 64-63 loss. >> let's tee it up in southern california. tiger woods down a strike to zach johnson. on 1. tiger for birdie. bottom of the jar. even going into 18. johnson with a birdie putt on 18. misread. tiger putting for birdie and the wind. he gets it.
. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm jim sciutto in dallas, texas. >> something on the back of your head there, philip. thank you, jim. and thank you for watching abc news. and we'd like to thank all the amazing people whose names you're about to see. their blood, sweat tears and smarts that made "nightline" the number one show in late night again. and we all hope you have a happy new year, america.
the nation to protest after a texas mom claims she was harassed at the for for nursing her baby. in nurse-in, in emeryville is one of 100 scheduled. they organized after a claim of harassment from the mom who says she was at the woman's department nursing her baby covered by a blanket when target workers began giving her a hard time. >> they all came and started walking by and shaking their head like you know, rolling their eyes and shaking their head no, no like i'm doing something so horrible. i'm feeding my baby. >> target released a statement, guests who choose to breast-feed in public areas of the store are welcome to do south without being made to feel uncomfortable. target says it will inform the employees about the breast-feeding policy. >>> frances dinglasan in for mike nicco today. >> there's still a chance of rain heading our way. even though we've got this beautiful live shot of blue skies some clouds are moving in. i'll tell you about the chances of rain and i'll have your seven day forecast, coming up. >>> also coming up, hannibal lecter, bambi and forest gump , all differen
is over. the payroll tax -- the fight over the payroll texas is over d payroll tax is over but only for a few weeks. >> it's the season of giving but not many people are donating this year. >> a special bell ringer. this salvation army volunteer was on his feet for more than 36 hours straight. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. clear sky right now giving way to cold temperatures tonight. and as we enter the last few days of fall, winter arrives next week, will we see any rain? we'll look at the forecast coming up. 0p8t you can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to jierk nat -- >>> senate lawmakers made some progress today. >> under the previous order, hr3630 as amended is passed. >> in an 89-10 vote the senate passed a measure for the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut after they failed to agree on a longer one. >> today i'm glad that both parties in congress came together, and i want to thank them for ensuring that as we head into the holidays, folks at home don't have to worry about their taxes going up. >> reporter: the presiden
by their grandmother. mom was hauled off to jail. in austin, texas there was nearly a riot. security at this mall called for back up when the crowd swelled to more than a thousand people. armed with pepper spray and with a hoper overhead, police -- helicopter overhead, police tried to keep control, but in the end an officer was trampled as he tried to get his way into foot lawker. -- foot looker. my -- nike made a statement and is concerned about the crowd. they suggest anyone who wants to purchase their product do so in a safe manor. a lot of people aren't even keeping the shoes. they are turn around and selling them for much more than they paid. >> i saw them on e ba for $510. >>> a fire badly damaged three apartment buildings started at the bottom of a trash chute. how it started is under investigation. the fast-moving wind-driven fire was the first five alarm blaze in six years. construction workers called in the first report just before noon, and they probably saved at least one life. >> you know, we heard people that were still inside. fortunately we did get in the room. a guy working night
will get six to ten inches of snow. that's the arctic blast. we have rain in east texas and toward, probably florida. south florida gets showers today. >> more from sam, coming up. >>> he wanted me to tell you that this holiday season, the present you might not have appreciated in the past is more likely than ever to be under your tree. abc's david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: for the mannheim steamroller crowd, the christmas sweater has long been a fashion must. >> hi. >> reporter: like david beckham? reindeer cardigans must be cool. if victoria lets him wear that in public. clark w. griswold and bridget jones would be happy to note, the ugly sweater has come back in a big way. on "modern family" this week, cam sported a snowman sweater vest. >> it's my christmas sweater. >> reporter: in thrift stores, they're in short supply. >> can't get enough of them. they fly out the door. >> reporter: amazing. anne blackman is sort of the martha stewart of ugly sweaters. i enjoy making these. i enjoy crafting. >> reporter: buying up every ugly sweater she can find and making them u
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